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PSM 500, PSM 501 Technical Data 1MRB520355-Ben Page 2 ABB Switzerland Ltd, Utility Automation Systems User benefits (cont´d) The PSM application is used as an auto-mated centralized concentrator for distur-bance record data. Disturbance records are automatically collected from all connected stations and stored in a central database. This

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psm-500 70mhz Datum Systems 。 70/140 Mhz PSM-500 、 …

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PSM500 Series - Datum Systems

The PSM-500 provides the largest selection of sophisticated FEC and codes rates available in the industry. The PSM-500 does more of everything our modems are famous for, including higher data rates, faster DSP signal acquisition (315msec at 9.6kbps QPSK) and features like the built-in BERT and 1:1 redundancy switch.

PSM-500 - Thermo Fisher Scientific

PSM-500 On-line Particle Size Analyzer • Measurement updates time, typically 10 sec. • Upgradable from PSM-400MPX. Benefits • Enhances mineral recovery by providing accurate analysis of particle size distribution and percent solids. • Increases energy efficiency by assisting the grinding control with the recovery and the throughput of minerals.

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Our new PSM-500LT L-Band Satellite Terminal combines the performance and reliability of our M500 Series modems with an integrated Power Supply and High Stability 10 MHz reference for most BUC and LNB system applications. The PSM-500LT is based on the industry's most reliable & sophisticated modems in its class, the PSM-500 and the PSM-500L.

Particle Size Analyzer PSM-500 - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Catalog number: PSM-500. The Thermo Scientific™ Particle Size Analyzer PSM-500 provides accurate feedback for the optimization of grinding circuit performance helping customers not only to enhance mineral recovery and quality but also to optimize their energy efficiency during the process. This unit is a rugged on-line Particle Size Analyzer which ...

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PSM-500S Data Sheet. PSM-500 IF Satellite Modem M500 SERIES Our latest generation high performance 70/140 MHz Satellite Modem, the PSM-500, is the industry's most sophisticated modem in its class. The PSM-500 is unmatched by any other modem for BER performance, fast acquisition, low latency and total power/bandwidth optimization. PSM-500 …

PSM500 Series – Phihong PFC Front Ends - Sager

SELV Output with 1500 VAC Isolation. Diagnostics. 500 Watts X 3 in 1U 19" Rack. Full Protection OCP, OVP, OTP. Hot Plug N+1 85-256V AC with Active PFC. Manufacturer. Phihong. Power Range. 401 - 600.